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A trail in classic cross country style, very smooth and easy to do that will take us to the village of Toiano in a forgotten place and almost out of this world, but rich in charm and history.

Our tour starts from Sughera – a small village in the municipality of Montaione – then head to Collegalli and from there descend into the valley of the river Chiecina. We will climb up to Collelungo, passing in front of the Hermitage of San Martino, where we will make a brief stop to recover some energy and visit this lovely church. Continuing to ride on the ridges of these hills bathed in a kind of rare beauty, we get to Toiano but not before we stop to see the badlands: the slices of bare land with steep cliffs from which you can admire one of the most exciting views of the countryside of Pisa.

Toiano is a small medieval town whose origins date back to the eleventh century. Initially under the dominion of Lucca, it was often contested in the war between Florence and Pisa thanks to its strategic location and boundaries. The last bastion of civilization has gone over the years and now this is a forgotten village, the buildings are in a state of semi- abandonment since they have been almost deserted for a long time now. At the entrance to the village – which can only be accessed on foot or by bicycle from a single street – is the church dating from the eleventh century dedicated to St. John the Baptist, while a little further on you can still see the remains of its defensive walls. In the past the village was surrounded by a castle which was accessed via a bridge.

After leaving this medieval village, we will return to Sughera, definitely tired, but with the feeling of having lived a memorable day.

  • Meeting in Montaione in the car park in Piazza Gramsci at 8:15am. See map
  • For morning tours: meeting at 8.45, starting at 9.00 and return at 12.00.
  • For afternoon tour: meeting at 14.15, starting at 14.30 and return at 17.00.
  • Schedules are subject to change. The return time is a guide only.
  • Payment in cash at the start of the tour. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Reservation required within 48 hours (two days before the departure date of the tour).
  • The rate does NOT include rental of mountain biking.
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